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 Yuuki's Application

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PostSubject: Yuuki's Application   Yuuki's Application EmptyTue Sep 16, 2014 11:27 pm

♥ Cum inside, baby ♥

Full Character Name: Yuuki (does not disclose his last name)

Band/Idol Type/Etc: Lycaon

Character Role: Whore

Character's Nicknames: Yuuki

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Date of Birth: February 8

Height: 160cm

Zodiac: Aquarius

Sexual Orientation: gay

Love Interest(s): -

Likes: Diptyque Do Son (perfume), other Diptyque products (lotions, etc), Apple products, corset lacing, leather, women's underwear, diet pills, dancing, white wine, running, makeup, cats

Dislikes: Cigar smoke, mean Johns, boxers, freezing weather

Character Appearance: Yuuki's Application 14btdls
He changes hair color like most people change underwear, but keeps going back to either black or pink, depending.
Two belly button piercings, one on the top and one on the bottom.

Character's Personality: Yuuki is a very straightforward and truthful person. He values communication and bluntness. His imagination runs deep, allowing him to do things other whores would never dream up and satisfy needs no one else would.

He values activity to the point that he runs a mile every single morning, without fail.

Character History: He once was going to college, but when his parents got into a car wreck that killed both instantly, he ended up with the shortest end of the stick from life. His siblings ended up with the house and all the money, and he ended up with none of it, only a pile of debt he knew he'd never be able to pay off in the career he wanted (he'd been wanting to go overseas to teach Japanese and was learning English and French to do so as well as taking teaching courses). But after their death, he ended up working two jobs and barely making enough to cover rent, outcasted by his siblings since he'd been the adopted child of the three.

One day he'd met a man who had promised him a debt-free existence in return for his services for at least the next ten years of his life. The day he turned twenty, he accepted and stepped into a whole new world; a world where he sold his body and earned three times what he ever had an "honest" job.

He's not embarrassed about what he does. He gets to provide a service and he's making more than he could have ever dreamed. There is no shame in a career that pays the bills and leaves him easily buying whatever else his heart desires.

Yuuki's Application Tumblr_m88myoh39S1r1bciwo1_1280
Kuro/Kurocchi & Cha

Quote :
Tonight was nothing if not perfectly normal. Yuuki had already gone through two marks for the night and was on the prowl for his third. The first two had paid him well enough, though they'd only wanted a blow job in the end, nothing more than that. No costumes or roles for him to play... then again, he supposed tonight, he didn't really look the type to do either of those things though.

He was clad only in a pair of tight-fitting blue jeans and a black cardigan that he opened to show off his bare chest whenever he thought he saw someone who was on the prowl for a little something-something. It tended to work like a charm most of the time and it was easier to hide than when he dressed to the nines. Those were the nights he flaunted the fact that he was in yakuza-run territory and no cop dared lay a hand on him. But tonight, he'd been slated to work the outskirts and that tended to be a bit foggy on if the cops would try to land him or not. Not one to risk his cozy little job, he dressed down on the fringe nights and up on the district nights. It just tended to end better for him that way.

Plus, sometimes people just wanted an easy mark and sometimes they wanted to pretend to play the game with some stranger who was half-dressed. And, honestly, he was comfortable either way.

He made his way back to the staircase he usually lounged about at and began climbing the stairs. He'd spend a good portion of the time between clients going up and down these stairs, earning a workout in between... and that was just fine with him.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuuki's Application   Yuuki's Application EmptyWed Sep 17, 2014 10:36 pm

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Yuuki's Application
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