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 Die's Application

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PostSubject: Die's Application   Die's Application EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 10:21 pm

Full Character Name: Andou Masaru

Band/Idol Type/Etc: Dir en grey

Character Role: Yakuza; Kyodai
Under the regional boss, controls his own mini-gangs. Basically he likes to handle a lot of the dirty work himself, just because he can. Main details: getting information when necessitated by his higher-ups, handles a lot of the creation of illegal pornography (mostly bathroom camera placement and retrieval of information and sometimes filming of the rough type of S&M porn), and rigs casino games.

Character's Nicknames: Die, Dai

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Date of Birth: December 20, 1974

Height: 5 ft 10 in

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Love Interest(s): ?
NPC female, Namiko (flirting with everyone else and cheated on him)

Likes: Salem Lights, whiskey, beer (lagers), the color red, kendo, his Honda CBR 1100XX Blackbird, manga, video games (car racing games and FPS'), snakes and all things snake related (his Mexican Black Kingsnake: Spink)

Dislikes: assholes, bigots, uncooked fish, seafood, the smell of burning paper, taking out the trash

Character Appearance: Die's Application Tumblr_m63u64oNgC1qerdz7o1_1280
Snake scales tattoo on the web of his right hand, between thumb and pointer finger. Sometimes his hair is red, but usually black.

Character's Personality: His personality is somewhat different depending on if you know him at work or at home. At work, he is a hard-ass and fairly closed off, unwilling to budge in his ways unless he knows he should for the bettering of whatever he's doing. He can kill without a second thought, beat the shit out of someone if he'd paid to do it, and has cheated a great many casinos out of their cash while on the job. He can handle a gun like nobody's business.

But at home, he's compassionate, gentle and deeply romantic. Something about a relationship tones him down and creates a new man who is full of smiles, laughter,  and bright-eyed wonder. He's a demon in the sack.

Character History: At the tender age of thirteen, Die was already becoming involved with the local branch of yakuza in his area. He wasn't entirely certain as to why he kept going back, but he did. Perhaps it was acceptance, perhaps it was the fact that he liked how it made him feel when he came out of the casino, his fake ID having granted him passage and play, with a bag full of money after a night of counting cards in the back. Or maybe... it was the hefty weight of the gun cradled in his hand after the first time he'd ever shot a man and how incredibly right it felt to be there.

One thing was for certain - and always would be - Die was built for this job and he'd never willingly walk away from it if there were any other choice.

Quote :
Die watched the smaller blonde writhe on the floor in front of him. The other was bleeding in a variety of places, blood oozing from his lip, his eyebrow, and especially from the bullet hole in his thigh. Die's eyes narrowed, pinned on the shameful mass of a man wriggling on the concrete before him. It was pathetic really, how quickly he could get someone to this state.

With a sigh, Die aimed the gun once again, easing the hammer back and pressing his finger lightly over the trigger. "One more time... who sent you?"

The man on the floor let out a halting laugh, turning his face to sneer up at Die. "I'll never," he gasped out.

He didn't get further than that, Die flicking the muzzle toward the other's head and pulling the trigger. He watched in vague fascination as blood and brains - and probably bits of bone - went splattering across the concrete, the blonde slumping to the ground, lifeless eyes staring heavenward.

Standing up, Die flicked the safety back on his gun and pushed it into the holster he had on his side. "Always so fucking naiive, think I won't shoot their asses," he muttered to himself as he moved away from the scene, watching two of his men scramble in for cleanup. Always so efficient... horribly, terribly efficient.

He flicked open his phone, hit the third name down on his Favorites list, and pressed it to his ear as he walked away.

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Die's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Die's Application   Die's Application EmptySun Sep 28, 2014 5:53 pm

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Die's Application
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