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 Uruha's Application

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Uruha's Application Empty
PostSubject: Uruha's Application   Uruha's Application EmptySun Oct 05, 2014 12:20 pm

♥ Cum inside, baby ♥

Full Character Name: Takashima Kouyou

Band/Idol Type/Etc: The Gazette

Character Role: Whore

Character's Nicknames: Uruha

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Date of Birth: 9th June

Height: 177cm

Zodiac: Gemini

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Love Interest(s): Tatsurou

Likes: alcohol, parties, bikes, shopping, autumn days

Dislikes: gamblers, violent drunks, small dogs with annoying high pitched barks(like the one his neighbour has)

Character Appearance: Uruha's Application  <a href=
Tall and slender, Uruha carries off his provocative ‘work’ clothes well. Leather, PVC, lace, mini-shorts, fuck-me boots, you name it. His style when he is not working is more casual. He has multiple piercings on his earlobes, no tattoos. He has a burn mark on his mid-back about the size of an adult palm.

Character's Personality: Uruha enjoys drinking and a bit of company to forget the day’s troubles. But mostly, he keeps his personal issues to himself. In an ideal world, of course he wouldn’t be a whore but Uruha had learned that for some people, ideals are only a dream. He does what he has to do to survive. He can go overboard with spending, particularly on his bikes, and this has landed him in more debt than he can count. To the outside eye, Uruha is blasé about many things. He believes there are things that one can change and others you can only accept. He lives for today and does not worry too much about what the future brings.

Character History:
Uruha’s childhood is not something he is terribly fond of reliving. After escaping his abusive home at the age of fourteen, he ended up on the streets. With no means of feeding himself, his option was either to steal or sell himself and he did both. It was a hard life, but better than being battered by people who were meant to love you.

Years down the line, he ended up working in Naibu no Ken. It was no safe sanctuary but it was better than working the streets on his own. The yakuza took a deep cut of his earnings but it also meant he had –some- degree of protection(except from the yakuza themselves…). Competition’s high with younger fresher meat coming onto the scene everyday but Uruha’s not one to bow out.

Quote :
It was cold even for an October night. Uruha’s breath came out in a mist in the crisp air. But he didn’t feel cold despite the exposed skin of his thighs or the not-very –warm PVC vest he had on. The alcohol from earlier that day still lingered in his blood, the amount too much for his body to be metabolized in a few hours. The whore liked the feeling where he was not drunk but his brain tingled with a buzz from the liquor.

He turned into an alleyway just a few streets away from the love hotel, lit himself a Marlboro and had a quiet second where he savoured the parched dryness the smoke left in his throat. Who would his first customer be for the night? Someone new or one of his regulars? One with a weird fetish, looking for some bondage or just a quick blowjob? Sometimes it was one of the yakuza. He supposed it did not matter too much. He had been turning tricks too long to know that not much mattered. As he exhaled the smoke,  Uruha saw a shadow of a person step into the alley from the corners of his eyes.  

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Uruha's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Uruha's Application   Uruha's Application EmptySun Oct 05, 2014 9:00 pm

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Uruha's Application
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