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 Ruki's Application

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Just a little more...
Just a little more...

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Ruki's Application Empty
PostSubject: Ruki's Application   Ruki's Application EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 8:05 pm

♥ Cum inside, baby ♥

Full Character Name: Matsumoto Takanori

Band: the GazettE

Character Role: Whore

Character's Nicknames: Ruki, Taka,  Any word synonymous with "little/small"

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Date of Birth: February 1st

Height: 162 cm

Zodiac: Aquarius

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Love Interest(s): N/A

Likes: Dreaming, romanticizing, good companions, weird sunglasses, obnoxious prints, anything gold, gifts, clothes, shoes, expensive things... clothes.

Dislikes: Excessive loneliness, limitations, being made to drink, unkempt people, strawberries...etc...etc...

Character Appearance:
Ruki's Application Rfoyrf_zps834f1c24

★ Eyes: 99% of the time Ruki wears light blue contact lenses.
★ Piercings: 5, all on right ear (photo)
★ Tattoos: None
★ Beauty marks: 2 on the left side of his face. One on the cheek under his eye (less noticeable) and one on his chin/jaw.  
He dislikes them so you can only see them when he's not wearing makeup.

Character's Personality: On one hand he is independent, loyal, honest and loving while on the other he is  stubborn, detached and  a pain in the ass.  
Ruki is just as  unpredictable as the stray cat he identifies so strongly with. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to win him over. It might be worth it.

Character History:
Ruki is your typical stray cat.  Raised by a single mother in a beat down apartment, he quickly became independent; having to take care of himself most of the time as his mother worked multiple jobs to  provide for him and herself.  But while it developed a good survival instinct in him, the bringing up also led him to many troubles and in the city of Tokyo it was quite easy to spiral down to where he is now; working as a prostitute under  the yakuza.

While the job isn't something one can be proud of, it sure as hell came with one great benefit; money.  And that's something  Ruki was willing to sacrifice some of his pride for.

Quote :
Faux blue eyes scanned the interior of the locale with a bored gaze, searching for something- - someone to catch their attention.  Today was an off day for Ruki, but being that he had very little friends, the petite blonde found himself alone at the bar; sipping at a vodka water for close to 45 minutes now and polishing off a second piece of cheesecake.

Though his face was made up to a T, his outfit was quite casual an comfortable. A pair of  form fitting black pants, his favorite worn out pair of docs and a loose, over-sized sweater. The pattern on the garment was a obnoxious flower print that definitely made a statement about his personality.

"What a waste of time...." He muttered to himself,  his gaze returning to the cheesecake on the  bar counter.

Readjusting himself on the stool; he crossed one leg over the other and then put an elbow next to the plate. He rested his chin in his palm and stuck his finger into the whipped cream on top of the cake.

With the same boredom in his eyes, he stared out into the room again. Slowly, he licked the cream of his finger while his eyes observed the uninteresting people around him.
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Ruki's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ruki's Application   Ruki's Application EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 9:51 pm

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Ruki's Application
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