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 Tatsurou's Application.

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Tatsurou's Application.  Empty
PostSubject: Tatsurou's Application.    Tatsurou's Application.  EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 2:07 am

Full Character Name: Iwakami Tatsurou

Band: MUCC

Character Role: Yakuza / Right hand to the Shatei-gashira (Second lieutenant/Local Boss)

Character's Nicknames: Tatsue , Tatsu ,  The Crow

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Date of Birth: August 21st

Height: 182 cm / 5'11

Zodiac: Leo/Sheep

Sexual Orientation:  Unspecified.

Love Interest(s): Uruha ❤

Likes: Recklessness, fearlessness, beautiful/attractive things and people, girls with nice skin and hair, mild violence, drawing, birds (his pet especially) etc...

Dislikes: A lot.

Character Appearance:

Tatsurou's Application.  Tata_111

★He is very tall and slender.
★His hair is cut chin-length, black and shaved on the right side.
★He has two very visible beauty marks on the left side of his face; one on his cheek and the other  between his eyebrow and the inner/mid crease of his eye.
★1/3rd of his left pinky finger is missing (Yubitsume)
★Piercings: Two in each ear, first set slightly stretched.
★Tattoos: One tattoo on his back; image of a karasu tengu.

Tatsurou's Application.  F7GJ7y

Pet:  Hibiki (Echo) is a male, Greater Vasa Parrot; A medium-large (20"/ 50 cm) parrot with an off-black coloring and a beige/cream colored beak. It's a rather lanky and slightly funny looking bird. According to Tatsurou, “Hibiki is so ugly, he's cute.”  The parrot was given to him as a gift on his 20th birthday and has been a companion of his ever since.

Character's Personality: Fearless, wild, mischievous, strong willed and perhaps a little reckless are words that describe Tatsurou quite well. It is those traits that have earned him the spot of right hand to the local boss. Tatsurou is regarded quite highly amongst the higher ups and especially by the lesser gang members.  Though a little strange and rather odd looking most of the time, Tatsurou above all else is loyal, honorable and dependable.  There's much gossip regarding Tatsurou's status and how the only reason it hasn't climbed even higher was because such a reckless and hot-headed individual shouldn't be given any more power then he already had. There's some amount of truth to that.  He's quite unconventional  as well and though he tries to respect all rules when it comes to the yakuza sometimes he can't help himself and weasels his way around them.

Tatsurou's best known for his ability to extract information and for his work as a hitman. Don't fuck with him unless you have a death wish.

(The above of course doesn't include a deeper look into his personality. That you'll have to find that out on your own. Maybe you'll learn something if you spend some time with Tatsurou. )

Character History: That's classified information.

Quote :
It was Friday night, a few minutes past midnight and the local bar was packed with people enjoying themselves; most already drunk and stumbling. The work week had just come to a close after all! But even thought some patrons were left standing at the bar because of the large amount of people, there was a couple of empty tables. They made almost a perfect half circle around a large table of men in one of the bar's corners.

On the surface, they didn't really look that much different ( well, most of them didn't at least ) so perhaps it was something else that made them give out such an powerful aura that people didn't fancy getting closer?

"Hey! Hey! What the hell's da holdup?! Can't we get some fucking drinks over here?"

"Tsch! Honestly!"

Ah, there it was. That was probably it.

Tatsurou closed his painted eyes and let out a sigh as his subordinates yelled loudly to the busy waitress.

The annoyed call from a table full of rather unsavory seeming men made the girl  let out a rather loud gasp and after approaching them she repeated her apologies, "Really sorry! I'm sorry... Right away!" She told them as she bowed her head; her eyes cast down.

That's when the already uncomfortable looking girl turned pale. It wasn't difficult for her to miss that a couple of the men at the table were missing parts of their fingers.  Putting it all together wasn't too hard from then on.

"I'm really sorry!!" She looked like she was about to cry.

Tatsurou furrowed his brows a bit, waiting on her to leave to go get the requested drinks before addressing the rowdy table full of men.

"All of you, you're such assess! Really, I can't believe you...." The long-haired man let out, his tone somewhat annoyed. Instantly the group quieted down, their attention on him. Tatsurou continued,  his tall frame leaning back against the back of the booth-seat, "You almost made a girl cry if not piss herself! How rude of you! You better apologize!"

When the woman eventually returned to them, bringing a fellow waitress with her to help carry all of their drinks (or maybe for moral support) she was shocked to see that the table of men had quieted down completely and all of their eyes were on her.  Before she could turn pale again it was their turn to bow their heads.

"SORRY FOR CAUSING YOU TROUBLE!" Came a united apology from the men. The girl stood there stunned and so did the rest of the customers.

Everything was quiet until Tatsurou's loud laugh broke the silence, "HAHA! See that's better, isn't it? Everyone... let's get along!"   He grinned, his black lips stretching from ear to ear as he glanced up at the girl, "Don't worry cutie... we're not so bad. We don't bite."

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Tatsurou's Application.  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tatsurou's Application.    Tatsurou's Application.  EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 7:47 pm

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Tatsurou's Application.
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