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 Kyo application

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PostSubject: Kyo application   Kyo application EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 3:24 am

♥ Cum inside, baby ♥

Full Character Name: Hironori Nishimura

Band/Idol Type/Etc: Dir en Grey

Character Role: Yakuza

Character's Nicknames: Kyo

Gender: Male


Date of Birth: 2/16



Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

Love Interest(s): -

Likes: Weapons. Tattoos. Whores. His blood’s taste. Naps.

Dislikes: Terms of endearment. Physical contact (when it’s nothing to do with sex). Traitors or whoever “offends” his “family” (the yakuza). Crowds. Being laughed at (especially because of his height).

Character Appearance:Kyo application 522148_563508830338896_1324560758_n

He’s short and small-boned; his abdominal muscles are well-defined, though. He’s got tattoos on his arms, his hands, his neck, his back and his hip, and even on one of his legs.

Character's Personality: He is not very open, not very affectionate and not very talkative. He especially refuses to speak about his emotions or whatever else he thinks it’s a private business, since that would make him feel vulnerable. He tends to act tough most of the time and he doesn’t want that mask to fall off his face.
He is unsociable and distrustful most of the times, for which he keeps a distance with most people and he doesn’t care if he has to be rude to get rid of an idiot (unless it's one of his bosses). He is rather moody and short-tempered, yet he is not usually violent if nobody annoys him.
His deadly sins are mostly wrath, envy and lust.
He likes to consider himself independent, but he is not a highest rank yakuza so he still responds to others’ commands (he is too impulsive to be “promoted”).

Character History: Kyo had a difficult childhood in a low-class neighborhood. His father left the house when he was eight years old, and since his mother had to work all day to maintain him and his younger siblings, he was practically raised by his elder sister, yet she couldn’t impede him to try tobacco, alcohol and eventually harder and illegal drugs with his elder brother and his bad company since the age of fourteen, after his youngest sister died in an accident while she was under his care.
This was how he met some lowest-ranks yakuza members. He finally left the school —he never liked studying, anyway— and became part of the organization along with his brother when he was seventeen. A few years later, though, his brother was killed in a shooting. Kyo’s remaining family implored him to leave the organization, but he didn’t —it wasn’t that easy, anyway—, which deteriorated their relationship.
After his mother’s natural death, four years ago, Kyo fought with his elder sister and lost all contact with her, for which he devotes himself utterly to the yakuza now (which he considers his family as well).


Quote :
Kyo was in a bad mood. Go watching over the whores had sounded pretty much funnier than what it had turned out to be.

It was nice to look at them, he couldn’t deny that, but he was tired of simply looking by that time. He needed some action or otherwise he would be very irritable. He was already smoking one cigarette after another a bit like compulsively in order to calm down, but he still kept tapping his right foot against the floor impatiently. If he couldn’t go screwing a prostitute already —that probably wouldn’t be considered correct—, he wanted to have somebody to beat up at least.

He remained alert. Someone had to mistreat one of their whores in front of his eyes sooner or later. Or maybe some whore would try to do something that would make them deserving of a beaten. It didn’t matter —he was okay with any option.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyo application   Kyo application EmptyWed Oct 01, 2014 10:44 am

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Kyo application
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